The Truth Behind Male Menopause

We here at Titan T-Center & Weight Loss have heard the term “male menopause” tossed around to describe the hormone changes that occur in males as they age. We’re not particular fans of that term, and in this blog, we’re going to tell you the truth behind it.

Age-Related Hormone Changes In Men

In women, once ovulation ends, hormone production plummets over a very short period of time known as ‘menopause.’ Although hormone levels certainly do change as men age, the situation for men is very different from that of women. Men’s hormone production and bioavailability decline gradually over a period of many years (which has been estimated to be 1% a year after age 30) – there is no concentrated drop in the form of a ‘menopause.’

However, for some men, levels can drop below normal for their age group. This is known as low testosterone, or Low Testosterone. The only way to diagnose Low Testosterone is through a blood test, and while some men may show no symptoms, for others, Low Testosterone may cause erectile dysfunction, reduced libido, changes or disturbances in sleep patterns, physical changes like increased body fat or reduced muscle bulk, and emotional changes like decreased motivation or reduced self-confidence.

Your Houston, TX Testosterone Therapists

If you feel you may be experiencing any of these symptoms or want to learn more about low testosterone, feel free to take our Low Testosterone Quiz or read up on our Learn page. If you have any questions, reach out to us on our contact page or schedule an appointment at our League City, TX office. Remember to check back to this blog periodically – we’ll be keeping it up to date with info and tips related to men’s health. And as always, stay healthy!