To All First Responders – Thank you for your service!

First Responders Promo – Thank you!

October 28th is National First Responders Day, but at Titan T-Center we want to honor our First Responders every day.

Our staff at Titan T-Center & Weight Loss really appreciates the service and sacrifice of all First Responders. From the Officers that put their lives on the line in order to save those around them, to the Firemen that put themselves in harm’s way every day so that they can keep others safe, and the Medical Technicians that are the difference between life and death — you are appreciated!

Thank you to each and every person who goes to work with the goal to save a life. You are all amazing human beings! We know that keeping in peak physical and mental condition can make all the difference in the world. That’s why we encourage you to come in and get your levels checked today. Having and keeping a strong, healthy Testosterone Level will assist you with the physical and mental demands of your job! If you have Low Testosterone, the Testosterone Replacement Therapy is covered by most medical insurances, and the Qualifying Evaluation takes less than 30 minutes.

Walk-ins are welcome, so stop by any of our locations today! You can also give us a call or book your consultation online. Be sure to ask about our First Responder discount!