Low Testosterone in Men & Women

Low Testosterone Occurs in Both Men and Women

Although the market for testosterone therapy is geared toward as men’s health, women can experience Low Testosterone as well. Even though women do secrete more estrogen than testosterone, they still need to have an appropriate balance for numerous reasons. This blog is dedicated to showing testosterone’s role in women versus its effects on men.

Testosterone’s Function For Women

Estrogen may be the key sex hormone for women, but testosterone continues to play quite a role in their lives. Normal testosterone levels can ensure the following:

Healthy Sex Drive

After menopause, many women start to see a decline in their sex drive. Testosterone, the key to a man’s sex drive, can be the cause of this. It is likely, however, that the solution to a woman’s low sexual appetite may require more than just testosterone.

Strong Bones

As it does for men, testosterone helps create strong bones. Too little testosterone can harm bones, but too much testosterone can be harmful as well.

Pain Tolerance

A recent study that was published in a journal called Pain, research showed that women who take birth control can have an imbalance of testosterone levels, which in turn lowers their ability to manage pain.

Cognitive Health

According to research in Gynecological Endocrynology, fluctuations in testosterone levels may be related to cognitive fatigue. Sufficient levels of testosterone may help combat this.

Men & Testosterone

Testosterone’s effect on men is much more common knowledge than its effect on women. Although the hormone shares many characteristics between genders, such as sex drive and bone mass, some effects are much more prevalent in men than in women. These include:

  • Muscle size and strength
  • Fat distribution
  • Fertility (Sperm production in males)
  • Facial & body hair

If a male is experiencing Low T, he may experience more evident symptoms because of their naturally higher levels. Some common symptoms of Low Testosterone in males may include:

  • Low libido
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Mood swings
  • Severe fatigue and depression
  • Low muscle mass
  • Increases abdominal fat

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