Low Testosterone Can Make You Tired

man yawning due to being tired from low testosterone

Low testosterone can cause you to feel constantly tired, which is made worse by not being able to sleep well.

When we think of low testosterone, we often think of decreased sex drive or muscle loss. Actually, one of the most frustrating, under-discussed symptoms is constant exhaustion. This kind of tiredness can make getting through work and enjoying your life a daily challenge.  

This isn’t just an issue for older men – low testosterone can throw a wrench in your energy levels at any age. If you find yourself feeling constantly tired for seemingly no reason, schedule an initial consultation with our team at Titan T-Center today.

Testosterone Affects Your Energy Levels

Testosterone plays a much bigger role in your body than you may realize. While researchers are still examining the precise reason why low testosterone drains your energy, it’s well-documented that unexplained fatigue is a very common symptom of low T. 

Low testosterone can also cause problems like low mood, loss of muscle mass, and trouble sleeping – all of which can make you feel even more drained. It can even affect your blood’s ability to carry oxygen, making it harder for your body to get the energy it needs. 

Low T Can Interrupt Sleep

Your testosterone levels impact your sleep patterns. If your levels are low, you might find it impossible to fall asleep, or wake up constantly throughout the night. Thus, the quality of your sleep suffers, meaning you miss out on the restorative stages that truly refresh your body. Not getting enough quality sleep then leads to further exhaustion, piling on top of the fatigue your low testosterone is already causing.

Low Mood Spiral

Feeling constantly down, cranky, or just lacking motivation all are linked to low testosterone. When you’re tired and lack the energy or enthusiasm to do things you usually love, your mood takes another hit. This becomes a downward spiral in which you have no energy for socializing or hobbies, making you feel even more down, and further eroding your energy.

Break the Exhaustion Cycle with TRT

If you’re constantly struggling against overwhelming fatigue, don’t just chalk it up to getting older or try to power through without help. A healthcare provider can check your testosterone levels and figure out what’s causing this. If it is low testosterone, Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) is a great treatment option. 

Research strongly suggests that TRT helps effectively combat fatigue caused by low T. In a recent study, men receiving TRT reported fatigue scores that were literally half of those who received a placebo. This clearly demonstrates that testosterone plays a significant role in improving your energy levels.

Supplementing treatment with positive lifestyle choices like prioritizing good sleep, regular exercise, and managing stress can also help support your body and boost energy levels.

Custom Treatment Plans for Low Testosterone

Low testosterone can affect your quality of life in a lot of ways, including causing constant fatigue. The good news is that low T is highly treatable with customized doses of TRT that restore your testosterone levels. 

If endless exhaustion is dragging you down, schedule a consultation with us to check your testosterone levels. At Titan T Center, we create personalized TRT treatment plans to help you combat fatigue and boost your overall well-being. Get started now—regaining your energy might just be a few steps away.