ER and Sports Medicine Doctor Gives Tips on Boosting T

Improving Your Golf Game and Your T Levels

Dr. Ara Suppiah, a sports-medicine specialist who is a consultant for several players on the PGA Tour, was recently featured in a Golf Digest article entitled “Fitness Friday: Is your low testosterone level affecting your driving distance?

Several of the patients at Titan T-Center & Weight Loss enjoy playing golf, and most of them are seeking to improve their game.  While we aren’t sure if raising your testosterone level directly improves your driving distance, it is conceivable that a golfer with low testosterone could be underperforming.

As the Golf Digest article suggests, getting your free testosterone levels is a good place to start, but only after a discussion with your doctor.  At Titan T-Center & Weight Loss, we advise against the screening of all men for low testosterone without symptoms.

Eat & Sleep Well for a Natural Testosterone Boost

If you do have symptoms and indeed test low for testosterone, there are many lifestyle changes to help boost levels naturally.   Several of the items listed in Dr. Suppiah’s 3 month plan three-month game plan for increasing your T count, found at the link above, are likely to increase a man’s T level, especially sleeping well and eating properly.  While others may not necessarily increase your T level, such as natural sunlight exposure, in moderation these are generally safe ways to increase your health.

Contact Your Houston Testosterone Therapy Experts

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