Common Health Problems & Testosterone Levels

At Titan T-Center, we’re always looking to give you the best information regarding your health. For this blog, we’re going to share some revelations about low testosterone and it’s link to some very common, age-related chronic health problems – and what all that means for you.

Hypogonadism & Health

In a recent study on men’s health, researchers found that men who have common, age-related chronic health problems are significantly more likely to have low testosterone levels. The likelihoods varied by condition – obese men were 2.4 times more likely to have low testosterone, men with diabetes were 2.1 times as likely, men with high blood pressure were 1.8 times as likely, and men with high cholesterol, prostate disease, and asthma were also more likely to have low testosterone than healthy men. These results suggest that such common health problems can often mask underlying low testosterone levels, which can negatively impact quality of life.

So what does that all mean? If you suffer from any of the health conditions we’ve mentioned, you may be more likely to also suffer from low testosterone. To find our more, take our Low Testosterone Quiz to see if any of your symptoms match up, read up on our Learn page, and visit our treatment page to learn more about the process.

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