Chopping Wood May Increase Your Testosterone Level More Than Playing Sports

It is well known that male testosterone peaks in the early twenties and declines with age. The decline in testosterone among men in industrialized countries, including the United States, has been previously linked to inflammation, obesity, metabolic disorders, and other diseases cause by age. In non-industrialized countries, however, the story is quite different.

Dr. Ben Trumble and colleagues from the Institute of Social, Behavioral and Economic Research at the University of California, Santa Barbara studied a group of forager-farmers in the Bolivian Amazon known as the Tsimane. Because these men face higher levels of pathogen and parasite exposure (two-thirds of adults present with intestinal parasites!), they showed lower levels of testosterone across all ages.

Physical Activity Boosts Testosterone

Numerous studies have shown that testosterone in American men increases with physical activity. The question was whether these villagers would show the same increase when they are physically active, for instance during and after INTENSIVE TREE CHOPPING.

The study found that chopping wood raised the villagers’ testosterone levels significantly! The Tsimane men who chopped wood and cleared brush showed a 48.6% increase in testosterone after 1 hour of chopping wood. The ones who played in a soccer tournament only showed an average increase of 30.1%.

Higher Testosterone Improves Performance

Trumble’s article found that short-term increases in testosterone during resistance activity benefits muscular metabolism, increases sugar uptake, and enhances neuromuscular performance within minutes. While the villagers have chronically low testosterone due to their high rates of pathogens and parasites, they are able to still mount a boost in their levels to help with resource production for their families.

Take Home Message

It is important to note that these activities are not shown to boost the long-term production of testosterone. This study, however, highlights the importance of testosterone in a man’s life in areas apart from sex, athleticism, and ego. “By focusing so much on the role of testosterone in aggression and competition, we have missed out on the importance of testosterone in a variety of other tasks,” stated Dr. Ben Trumble.

What You Can Do

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