Baseline Testosterone Levels and Persistence

The Unsolvable Puzzle

Researchers at Wayne State University in Detroit and Nipissing University in Ontario conducted a very interesting experiment where they found that men with higher baseline of testosterone levels are more likely to persist when given a task to solve.  They measured the testosterone in the saliva of 118 men and randomly selected portion of them to receive puzzles to solve– some of which were unsolvable!  They were given up to 30 minutes to complete the puzzle, and they could quit at any time.  The average time spent on the puzzles was 17.27 minutes, and 26 of the subjects continued to the maximum time of 30 minutes.  Their results show that subjects with higher baseline testosterone levels spent longer on the puzzles!

Testosterone and Persistence

So what does this tell us about testosterone levels in men?  Do higher baseline testosterone levels in men allow us to “bird-dog” a task?  Maybe.  This study showed a correlation between high testosterone and persistence, but how they two are casually related is still undetermined.  Also, it’s important to note that sometimes being too persistent may be a bad thing.  In the face of obstacles, individuals may persist antisocially, for example by pestering a coworker, or harassing a former romantic partner.

Finding the Right Balance of Testosterone

At Titan T-Center & Weight Loss, we believe that if a man is experience symptoms of low testosterone, their testosterone level should be treated up to a normal level for them. If a man is over-treated, he may experience unwanted physical and mental side-effects.  It’s important to realize that the biggest sex organ is actually the brain, and testosterone has a big effect upstairs!  That is why we practice a strict regimen of blood tests to ensure that all of our patients testosterone levels are within an acceptable range, and adjust the dosage accordingly.  Read more about low testosterone and treatment and book an appointment to visit us at our League City location, servicing the Houston area.