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Low Testosterone Treatment

Titan T-Center & Weight Loss is dedicated to delivering the residents of League City, Friendswood, and The Woodlands, Texas outstanding low testosterone therapy. Our priority is to provide you, our valued patient, with quality treatments to improve your lifestyle. Although low testosterone is more prevalent as men age, we see patients of all ages.

Before any testosterone treatment is administered, our highly trained medical staff will take a thorough history and perform a physical evaluation to determine whether or not testosterone therapy is right for you. Our first task may be to take a blood sample, which is tested immediately on-site. After about a half hour, we will have your results and determine whether or not you are a safe candidate for the following treatments. An additional blood sample may be taken and sent to an outside laboratory for further testing, especially if certain concerns are raised during your examination and interview.

Testosterone Injections

Although there are a variety of testosterone treatments, Titan T-Center exclusively provides testosterone injections to our patients. These shots enable the hormone to enter directly into the bloodstream, avoiding vital organs such as the liver. Excessive testosterone can be damaging to the liver, and at this time no widely available oral pill is offered. Topical treatments deliver varying results for patients and can rub off accidentally on family members. Once your treatment has started, we will carefully monitor hemoglobin and prostate levels, among other indicators, to prevent any harmful side-effects from occurring.

Additional Treatments

Although testosterone injections are our primary form of treatment, we also provide patients with B12 and HCG injections, as well as dietary and exercise advice. Our B12 injections are typically provided for patients who experience high levels of fatigue on a day-to-day basis. HCG, on the other hand, is an entirely different treatment, and will typically not be administered prior to the first month of treatment. This particular injection helps to boost natural testosterone levels and prevents testicular atrophy. We recommend that each patient discuss these treatment options with a Titan T-Center & Weight Loss provider on an individual basis because each case is different.

Lift Your Levels Today!

Titan T-Center & Weight Loss has set out to improve the lives of all men experiencing symptoms of Low Testosterone in the League City, Friendswood, and The Woodlands areas. Our treatments are specifically designed to treat patients with low testosterone, not those seeking dramatic weight loss or drastic gains in muscle mass. We are a practice that is entirely dedicated to providing a safe, effective and healthy treatment for low testosterone. If you feel you might be a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy, give us a call.