16 08, 2015

Titan Congratulates the HFD Softball Team

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First Annual Robert Bebee Foundation Tournament Congratulations to the Houston Fire Department Softball team for finishing second place in the First Annual Robert Bebee Foundation tournament.  The foundation is set up in honor of Robert Bebee, who was one of four Houston firefighters, now honored as “The Southwest IV,” who lost their lives fighting the 5-alarm motel [...]

2 08, 2015

Titan T-Center & Weight Loss Supports Houston Firefighters Softball Team

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HFD Softball Team Titan T-Center & Weight Loss is a proud sponsor of the Houston Fire Department's softball team.  The HFD softball team, founded in 1983, is comprised of 32 active Houston firefighters.  The players compete in both local and national competitions. They will be competing in the 3rd Annual Capt. Dowling Softball Tournament on [...]